Who Am I?

My name is Abdul Hamid and I’m a native Banyuwangi, with a passion for guiding and years of experience working as a tour guide in Ijen area. Choose me, because I have extensive local knowledge and I’m always willing to go the extra mile to make your private Ijen tour a success. And everything on the best price.


I am an independent personal tour guide. I work with small groups, maximum four people, in order to give exclusive service & best price to each of my customers.

Native Local & Knowledge

I'm a local people living in Ijen crater area. I offer wide range of cultural trips with Intimate, authentic, and memorable experience.


With over 8 years of local guiding experience, I have a complete knowledge of Ijen crater - its history and legends, its traditions and culture.


I organize private tours, 100% customized and tailored to your tastes and needs, all around, providing exceptional service at fair and reasonable prices!


I strive to provide cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Safety first!

I will always prioritize your safety over everything else, so I have safe gear equipment for you to hike Ijen and Always have breafing time to give you an explanation and make sure everythings is ok.

Why Choose my tours?

  • I will unlock the hidden gems of Banyuwangi, which rarely appear on any run of the mill tourist itinerary.
  • My large network of friends and contacts, will ensure you experience the true food, drinks, customs and hospitality of the Banyuwangi people.
  • I do not believe in the “one size fits all” tour - people are different so tours should be too.
  • I work hard every night to confirm and amend if necessary the agenda for the tour.
  • My tours are 100% custom-made for you and your group - down to photo stops, dwell times at places of interest, and yes, comfort breaks!
  • You will enjoy personal attention and care, something you can't get on a group tour
  • Every day is flexible and can be amended to suit your interests, even once the tour has started.
  • Think of me as your personal concierge. I can assist with getting tickets and restaurant bookings.
  • I will always advise if something is not possible or will not be as enjoyable.
  • Someone else does the driving. You see the country instead of avoiding potholes and trying to read Cyrillic road signs (if there are any).
  • Someone else does the talking. You enjoy your vacation instead of trying to communicate with non - English speaking locals.
  • I am reliable, always there for you and will not let you down.
Hiking ijen volcano, explore sunrise of java & blue fire ijen with tour guide

Hiking Ijen Volcano, Explore Sunrise Of Java & Blue Fire Ijen

For me, being a tour guide combines two things that I enjoy: travel and connecting with people. Are you ready to hike Ijen?

Biking through Ijen Hidden Beauty

Biking through Ijen Hidden Beauty

Experience the real Banyuwangi. Encounter wildlife from your saddle, immerse yourself into the culture, inspiring local people, and landscapes. I collaborate with Ijen cycling adventure. They are a cycling tour company offering supported single and multi-day cycling trips in Banyuwangi. With two years of experience, they are well equipped and knowledgeable to handle all the logistical needs of a bike trip hence giving you a memorable bicycle adventure.

*All of non-cash transactions are processed by Xendit.co & Paypal.com, I will always prioritizes your convenience and security in every request and transaction process.


Desa Segobang, Kecamatan Licin, at the foot of Mount Ijen
Banyuwangi, East Java