Hiking Ijen Volcano, Explore Sunrise Of Java & Blue Fire Ijen

About The Ijen

Ijen Crater ( Kawah Ijen Indonesia ) also known as Ijen volcano Blue Flame has been calling mountain buffs and nature lovers for years with its wonders. This is no ordinary crater as it shoots and sparks a blue fire to the air. The image of blue flames blowing out of the crater resembles a giant stove. Some see it as an imaginary land in the fairy tales that come to life.

The so-called volcano blue fire is not actually a fire as it is a complex chemical reaction. The sulfuric gas comes in contact with oxygen, leading to the combustion of the gas. Thus, the infamous “ blue flames ” will show up and dance before the wondering eyes. The size of the crater is 960 meters x 600 meters, 200 meters deep. Another natural treasure of Ijen Crater is its acidic lake, the biggest one in the world. Ijen lake’s water is greenish blue and the bottom is not visible. As the marvelous dance of flame comes to an end, the morning sun gradually rises. Its golden ray showers Ijen’s peak and unveils the dark remnants of the night.

The view from the top gives a look at the neighboring mountains. The tips of Raung, Suket, and Rante, that surround Ijen Crater are very visible. There is nothing beyond the horizon but more mountaintops, clouds, and sky. The sun also allows a clearer vision of Ijen’s gray dusty sandy terrain. A seven-meters-wide path allows nature enthusiasts and locals to walk around comfortably. The best time to watch this ballet of fire is at 2 – 4 AM. It takes about two hours for this midnight trekking, about three kilometers. It is pitch black and the only source of light is from the flashlights. Sometimes, the smell of intense sulfur lingers in the cold mountainous air.

What we will do

I will pick you up at your place of stay around 12.00 midnight. And you can also start getting ready, besides that I will also help check and ensure your readiness for Trekking. If I can suggest it would be nice if you could stay around Licin Subdistrict: Banjar Village or Taman Sari. so that the journey is not so far away and I can also invite you to get around. Many inns around the area where you can find on airbnb or booking.com.

After the preparation is complete we will leave for Paltuding namely the gate of Mount Ijen, The journey taken is around 30-40 minutes if you stay in the Region which I recommend, and if you stay in the City it will take approximately 1 and a half hours

After arriving at paltuding, we will brief for a moment, pray and start climbing to the crater of Ijen. The climb is taken for approximately 1.5 hours. After reaching the top of the mountain, we will go down again to the crater to see the Blue Fire API BLUE and the expanse of blue Lake of sulfur which is very beautiful. The trip to the crater is approximately 15-20 minutes.

After that we will go up again and get ready for the sunrise spot, where if you are lucky with good weather you will enjoy the famous Sunrise Of Java. After that we will get ready to go back down to Paltuding where the driver waits to pick up We return to the hotel or homestay where you are staying. And if your condition is not too tired we can stop for a moment at Twin Waterfall to enjoy Breakfast / Breakfast there.

What I will provide

  • Safety equipment
    *Gask Mask, Rain Coat, headlamp/flashlight, Gloves & Hat
  • Entrance Fee
    *All of Entrance fee Ticket
  • Snacks & Drinks
    *Mineral Water, coffe or tea & snacks
  • Transportation
    *Pick up dan drop off from & to your hotel/homestay

What you’ll need to bring

  • Wear warm clothes and jacket/jumpers
  • Wear proper hiking shoes
  • Travel insurance (I recommend World Nomads)
  • Asthma drugs or other drugs if you have health problems

Things to Note

You do not need to have a climbing experience, or a very strong stamina, because the path is not so steep. We will walk with care and be careful. it's okay slow as long as it arrives safely. I will make sure everything goes well. Make sure your doctor allows you to climb the mountain or your insurance company allows you to go to Banyuwangi and climb Mount Ijen. Some of you may have existing respiratory conditions (asthma, easy panic when you breathe anything other than oxygen, etc.) and / or have very sensitive eyes, so I strongly recommend that you bring your medicines and also I suggest not need to go down to the caldera (the part where we see the blue fire closely) even though we can still see the Blue Fire from the top of the mountain.

Where to stay

Most visitors stay near the foot of Ijen Crater in Licin or Taman Sari area, which are only a 30-40 min drive to the trailhead at Paltuding. Homestays are considered very basic but you could also find some Hotel like Grand Harvest and Ijen joglo or Villa Ijen villa and Micasa house.

There are some interesting sights in the vicinity of the area, such as coffee plantations and coffee processing factories. There is also a waterfall and hotspring nearby. Also If you want to experience living like a local you can stay at Banjar Village, which is a part of Licin area.

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Desa Segobang, Kecamatan Licin, at the foot of Mount Ijen
Banyuwangi, East Java